Is business war?

We manage your commercial dispute with business acumen and  common sense. We work with you in deciding when it is “war”, or just a scuffle which can be resolved by mediation with a view to long term business relations.

Commercial disputes arise in every area in which people or corporations engage with each other in trade. Wherever possible, it is best to utilise our commercial division to ensure that the contractual arrangements are clear and comprehensive – this goes a long way to preventing disputes, and if a dispute cannot be prevented, places you in the best possible position to know and enforce your rights.

Our litigation division is available to take up your position, and enforce or protect your entitlements whenever a commercial deal goes sour. Sometimes, some clear and strong indications of your position can divert a dispute. Otherwise, our lawyers can guide you through the complex and arduous process of enforcing your rights through the courts, or tribunals applicable to the dispute.

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