Do I need an Expert Gold Coast Estate Administration Lawyer?

When a loved one dies, there are a myriad of details to be sorted through. You need to collect in bank accounts, sell shares, transfer or sell real estate properties, inform government authorities  – and all the while deal with the beneficiaries who all think the job is simple and “should be completed by now”.  Then you have to worry about claims on the estate by family members or creditors…

Estate administration routinely involves dealing with :

  • should you get probate, and what does it mean anyway?
  • what do you do if there is no will?
  • how do you know if the will is valid?
  • how do you handle superannuation and life insurance entitlements without suffering a huge tax penalty?
  • is a claim upon the estate by a disgruntled family member likely, and what should be done about it?
  • when is it safe to pay out the funds to the beneficiaries, and when does the executor risk a personal claim ?
  • what do you do about creditors of the estate in Gold Coast?
  • how do you handle partly completed matrimonial proceedings of the deceased?
  • how should the business of the deceased be dealt with?
  • who do you contact to transfer the house?
  • What does Joint Tenancy really mean?
  • What do you do if the will gives away property that the deceased doesn't own?
  • How do you handle a Family Trust when the principal dies?

Why choose a Robbins Watson Estate Lawyer, Gold Coast:

When a Robbins Watson estate lawyer is engaged to assist in estate administration, we act to administer the estate as quickly as it may safely be done, while ensuring that the executor does not expose him or her self to risk of litigation by making distributions prior to the statutory periods for making of Family Maintenance claims.

Our estate lawyers look for safe, sensible solutions to the issues that arise, and ensure that, where you have to make a choice, you are given all your options, with our recommendation about which option is best for you.

Our commitment to streamlining estate administration while maintaining personal service and understanding has seen us become the estate lawyers Gold Coast families choose to help them navigate this difficult and unsettling period.

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