Building Disputes

We work closely with many builders, subcontractors trades people and their governing body, the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (formerly the BSA). We provide advice to both the builders/tradespeople and the customers who utilise their services.

Legislation is in place affecting every aspect of the building industry. This means that you cannot afford to enter into contracts, or negotiate disputes, without knowing how your rights and obligations are affected by that legislation.

Prevention is, as always, better than cure. Ensure that you comply with your obligations, and know your rights. Ensuring that contracts are correct in the first place, and everyone knows what they can and can not do, is a very large step in the prevention of disputes.

If a dispute does arise, we assist clients with resolution of that dispute, including, if necessary with the preparation for hearings in the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT) .

Building disputes between tradespeople, or contractors and subcontractors, are also directly affected by legislation – for example, the Building and Construction Industry Payments Act. This, and the Subcontractors Charges Act specify rights between contractors and subcontractors – but those rights have strict timeframes, and your interests can be harmed if you do not act quickly.

Other subcontract arrangements can also lead to trouble. Some entities try to use them to avoid the application of employment law, which is not as easy as people believe. Whether you are the head contractor, or the subcontractor, you need to ensure that you contract will do the job, before you get into trouble. We can draft the contracts to prevent problems arising, or, if trouble has already struck, we can resolve it for you.